Persoit cello bow

Lidy Blijdorp

The NMF (Dutch Instrument Foundation) allowed me to look for a top cello bow. After searching and trying for many months, I found the perfect bow: a French ‘Persoit’, built in 1850, one of the best of its kind and…


Lidy Blijdorp and Sebastiaan van Halsema in Lightweight

In September and October 2023 the Trevor Grahl double concerto was performed again on 9 different locations. Soloists were Lidy Blijdorp and Sebastiaan van Halsema. The concerto, Lightweight, is full of effects, timbre-related and theatrical. The music id often festive…

New CD Recording

Lidy Blijdorp en Tobias Borsboom

In March 2024 pianist Tobias Borsboom and I are going to record a new CD. We were requested to do so by the Matthijs Vermeulen Stichting. Apart from the 1st Cello Sonata by Matthijs Vermeulen we will also record the…

Kabalevsky Concerto

Lidy Blijdorp about the Rococo Variations

In November 2023 Lidy Blijdorp performed the Kabalevsky Cello Concerto with Symphonic Orchestra Nijmegen, conducted by Frans-Aart Burghgraef, who was conducting his last concert with this orchestra. The program was called ‘Passion and Pathos’. The concerts were held in Zutphen…

Klassiek achter de Duinen

Lidy Blijdorp

17 September 2023. Lidy invited her friends Rosanne Philippens and Hannah Strijbos for a concert during the ‘Klassiek achter de Duinen’ festival. They performed intimate chamber music, with trios by Beethoven and Jean Cras. Top-notch ensemble playing with three world…

World premiere

cellist Lidy Blijdorp
A beautiful opportunity was offered to Lidy Blijdorp: she could choose a composer to write a new cello concerto especially for her and the Residentie Orkest. Lidy invited Joël Bons to write this concerto. The world premiere took place on September 10 2022 in The Hague.

Concertgebouw concert

On February 20 Lidy Blijdorp performed with world-famous violinist Philippe Graffin and pianist Claire Desert. They played Lidy's new arrangement of Debussy’s ‘l’Après-midi d’un Faune’ for violin and cello.

Cello020: restart

The Cello 020 series has got a restart. On 26 November “Sea Shells” with flutist Peter Verduyn Lunel and pianist Lestari Scholtes. With bamboo art by Maria Blaise and special guest Kate Moore. Bethlehemkerk, Amsterdam.

Two classical Edisons

Two Classical Edisons voor Celliste Lidy Blijdorp
The cd ‘Journeyers’, debut-cd of cellist Lidy Blijdorp, received two classical Edisons. Lidy Blijdorp was awarded the audience prize and the debut prize for her cd.

Kunststof: interview

Interview Lidy Blijdorp in Kunststof
Presenter Gijs Groenteman of Radio ‘Kunststof’ interviewed Lidy Blijdorp about music, interpretation and her new cd.

Amsterdamse Cellobiënnale

Josef Suk, Elegie with a.o. Vera Beths, the Ragazze Quartet
During the Elegy to Anner Bylsma Lidy Blijdorp performed the Elegy by Joseph Suk with Vera Beths, Dirk Luijmes, Astrid Haring and the Ragazze quartet. During this concert Lidy also played the Elegy by Franz Listz and a Boccherini concert.

Amsterdamse Cellobiënnale

Lidy Blijdorp plays with Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
The Cello Biennale took place online this year – with only Dutch players. Lidy Blijdorp played the opening with Thin Air by Calliope Tsoupaki. She also played the premiere of a new concert by Alexandre Kordzaia with the Asko Schönberg.

Presentation concert

CD Presentation concert Lidy Blijdorp
On September 23, the postponed presentation concerts took place in De Duif: Lidy played solos and duos together with Rosanne Philippens. The ‘first’ CD was handed to Monique Bartels, the cello teacher who taught Lidy for years.

Review Debut Cd in Diskotabel

diskotabel, Radio 4
Recording of Diskotabel, Radio 4: Lex Bohlmeijer asks the opinion of singer Maria-Riccarda Wesseling and flute-player Peter Verduyn Lunel about Lidy's debut cd - not telling them who is playing.

Streaming Concerts

Streaming concerts by Lidy Blijdorp
In April and May there were several streaming concerts: From De Doelen, from the Concertgebouw, from the Noorderkerk and from the Posthoornkerk. They can be viewed on Youtube now.

Review debut album De Volkskrant

Volkskrant review
‘Play Lidy Blijdorp’s debut album and be perplexed.’... ‘Her inspirator Anner Bylsma once compared music to Aladin’s wonder lamp. The world behind the notes, you had to rub it out. Blijdorp succeeds with flying colors for that tour de force.’... ‘From a hazy dream to a fierce attack: Blijdorp can do everything.’

Wonderfeel: Ravel duo

CD Presentation concert Lidy Blijdorp
Rosanne Philippens and Lidy Blijdorp performed Ravel’s duo for violin and cello at Wonderfeel. It was broadcast by VPRO tv (Vrije Geluiden)

Brussels, Jardin Musical Concert

Lidy Blijdorp performs with Rosanne Philippens and Julien Brocal.
Rosanne Philippens and Lidy Blijdorp played a recital at Jardin Musical, Brussels as a preparation for their cd recording with Rubicon Classics. The cd, 'Journeyers', was to be awarded with two classical Edisons.

Rococo Variations with CCO

Lidy Blijdorp plays with Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra
Lidy performed the Rococo Variations with the Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra at a concert during the Tsjaikovsky Ball. The event took place at the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam. All guests were asked to come dressed in the costumes of his time.

Kate Moore about Lidy’s Piece

Lidy's Piece Tivoli
During an interview by ‘Vrije Geluiden (VPRO, NPO 1) the Australian composer Kate Moore explains how she was inspired to write a portrait of Lidy Blijdorp, called ‘Lidy’s Piece’.

Viva Italia

Lidy Blijdorp and Domo Emigrantes
Vredenburg Utrecht and Philharmonie Haarlem: the vibes on stage were great again with Rosanne Philippens, Niek Baar and Domo Emigrantes. Classical music, folk music and an audacious mix of both.

Bach Bridges Budapest

Bach bridges Budapest
A collaboration of Bach festivals in Europe, convening in Budapest to exchange ideas and perform together in several concerts. Lidy Blijdorp was asked to represent the Bach Festival Dordrecht, giving a solo recital with Vasile Luca (cymbalom) and performing the Vivaldi double concerto with Péter Szabó, cello.

Pause Festival in Andalusia

Pause Festival La Donaira
Open-air concerts and arts events at La Donaira. Taking place in a spectacular setting high in the mountains of Andalucia and created by the musicians and visual artists themselves, pause brings the arts to the wild in a celebration and exploration of man’s relationship with nature.

Cello020: Midsummer Concert

Lidy Blijdorp
A concert with a variety of impressions of warm summer nights. With Bach suite number 5 and the Herz cycle by Kate Moore, composed for this trio. Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

Tracks in Concertgebouw

Lidy Blijdorp
Concertgebouw: Rosanne Philippens, Niek Baar and Lidy Blijdorp met the Italian country-players of Domo Emigrantes in an exuberant concert. Recurrences in October 2018 (Haarlem, Utrecht).

Rococo Variations

Lidy Blijdorp about the Rococo Variations
Lidy Blijdorp plays the Rococo Variations by Tsjaikovsky with ‘Orkest van het Oosten’, directed by Jan Willem de Vriend. In an interview she comments on this cello concerto.

24 Chambers

Lidy Blijdorp
Lidy Blijdorp, cimbalom-player Vasile Nedea and pianist Julien Brocal in a concert about the various atmospheres of the night: No Tomorrow.

Orchestra of the 18th Century

Lidy Blijdorp

Klassiek op ’t Amstelveld:Performance of Boccherini, Concerto in G major, for cello and orchestra, G. 480 with the Orchestra of the 18th century. The performance took place in the main program of this jubilee edition (16 September).